Sunday, December 18, 2011


A diarrhea of emotions that I cannot contain. It's like a constant state of PMS, except it's not. I want to cry non-stop and kiss every single person who was violated in the clashes these past two days. I want to hug the girl whose clothes they tore at and dragged across the street, who must feel terrible, and tell her she is now our symbol of our country, an invincible icon. I want to slap and shake so many people for being so fucking stupid and ignorant, for believing so many lies. And yet, I do not feel the urge to be as proactive as I always try to be. I do not want to go down and fight. I do not want to march fearlessly into the chaos and claim a bit of it my own. I do not have the energy. Plenty of purpose and yet, not a muscle moved. I have become my own worst nightmare. And I don't even care about that.

why couldn't this revolution have happened when I'd put my self back together?

I have been listening to this for quite some time now. It perfectly captures despair. even if it's directed in a different way. but still.

till further notice, adios.


  1. I do think that the revolution will be ongoing till you put yourself back together --it's gonna take a life-time-- so I take it you'll be 'one piece' now and then when it happens.

    and Alanis is timeless!