Wednesday, May 9, 2012


You test my patience over and over and over. Today, I have no more room for you.

You take my kindness for submissiveness and my tolerance for helplessness. I will now take your arrogance for stupidity.

I have days when I wake up and feel like not moving a muscle. Just wrap my comforter around me and do nothing but breathe.

Most of these days I make myself get up, shower and go to work. But I don't leave my comforter behind. Nor do I do anything more than breathe.

It is such a liberating moment when you finally make up your mind about someone/something that's happened in the past/ certain life events. You finally figure out the label to put on that memory when it flashes up in your head, and know how to react then. 

Most times, you'll change your mind again every 2 months anyway.

Sometimes, the only plausible thing to say to you would be to go fuck yourself you asshole.

But I worry that you will only pay attention to my audacity and not to how much of an asshole you really are.

There are things that are pretty, and there are things that are pretty because you want them to be. 

The same could apply to who you really think you are.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


And watch your dream's slow dissection
As you push yourself from grace
Do not weep
Your alligator tears will go to waste
Beneath the crumbling ground they fall upon
Emerge from hope and life and light
To face the darkness that is your truth
And reunite with your shadow once more.